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Service Prices

We do not advertise our pet care prices because we offer so many different services and discounts. Please Call for Pricing. 

Pet Taxi

 Taxi to and from Lucky Dog Resort

one way --- $12.00

Round Trip --- $22.00

Frequent Trips --- $11.00

2 + pets $2.00 each way

Taxi To Vet or Groomer

Taxi to Vet or groomer normal hours

one way --- $15.00

Round trip --- $28.00

Frequent trips $ 13.00 

2 + pets $2.00 each way


Taxi to Vet after hours or Pet ER

late or weekend

$16.00 + surcharge (see below)

2 + pets $3.00 each way

if we must stay with the pet additional cost will incur per the amount of time waiting with the pet.


15 minutes same as a 15 minute visit

30 minutes same as a 30 minute visit,


Taxi to the Airport

Taxi to or from

Colorado Springs Airport


2+ pets $3.00 each way

Taxi to or from

Denver Airport

call for pricing....

2+ pets $4.00 each way

Snow Shoveling and Package Pick-up

Package pick-up

AM, Midday, Afternoon, PM, Nite


Will move package to a secure location per the client's request.

Snow Shoveling

Call for a Quote

Scooping the Poop

Poop Scooping for Dogs Only

1 dog /weekly --- $10.00

$1.00 per additional dog

Ground Type surcharge 

for rock, mulch, etc.

 $2.00 per cleaning

Large Yard Surcharge

(over 1,000 Sq. Ft)

$2.00 per cleaning min.

Waste Disposal Surcharge

.50$ (fifty cents) per cleaning

Crate cleaning Dogs only

$10.00 per incident

Litter Box Cleaning

(cats and small animals)

litter box scooping visit

$8.00 per visit

Litter Box Cleaning and Sanitizing

cats and small animals

$10.00 per incident

House Sitting (no pets)

Home Check

(walk Thru and/or around)


Home Check

(walk thru and around + plants)


House Sitting --- Overnight only $60.00

House Sitting --- Daytime only  $40.00

House Sitting --- Around the clock $80.00 

No pets required.

What our customers are saying

"We used Lucky Pet at Home services during the birth of my son a year and a half ago. We were so glad knowing our dog was in good hands (and in his own familiar environment) while we were at the hospital.

We were able to let them know “last minute” the day of labor and could just call/schedule from the website which was very convenient and hassle free! We haven’t had the need to use them again yet but I recommend them all the time."

Sarah E. - Lucky Pet Client         

Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.