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Pet Service Cards Packages

Our Pet Service Card packages NEVER expire!

Card                                                                Full Price                       Disc. Price                Price for Two cards

 Bronze Pet Card      

7 Pre-Paid 15 Minute Potty Break                           $91.00                                                              $182.00

7 Pre-Paid 30 Minute Visits                                     $112.00                                                             $224.00

7 Pre-Paid 1 Hour Visits                                           $182.00                                                             $364.00


Silver Pet Card

14 Pre-Paid 15 Minute Potty Break                        $182.00                         $172.90                      $345.80

14 Pre-Paid 30 Minute Visits                                  $224.00                          $212.80                      $425.60

14 Pre-Paid 1 Hour Visits                                        $364.00                          $345.80                      $691.60

Gold Pet Card

30 Pre-Paid 15 Minute Potty Break                       $390.00                           $351.00

30 Pre-Paid 30 Minute Visits                                 $480.00                           $432.00

30 Pre-Paid 1 Hour Visits                                       $780.00                           $702.00

Platinum Pet Card 

60 Pre-Paid 15 Minute Potty Break                     $780.00                              $663.00

60 Pre-Paid 30 Minute Visits                                $960.00                              $816.00

60 Pre-Paid 1 Hour Visits                                      $1,560.00                           $1,326.00

New Puppy Potty Break Card

3 Days of 3-15 minute potty breaks per day    $117.00                             $114.00

5 Days of 3- 15 minute potty breaks per day    $195.00                           $190.00

If you purchase 2 Bronze packages or Silver packages at the sametime you will receive 1 free visit

If you purchase 2 New Puppy Potty Break packages you will receive 1 free potty break



 Pet Service Card Policies

With the Lucky Pet Service Cards, our clients can receive discounts for services they use regularly by purchasing “blocks” of services.

 You can use your Pet Services Card any time, but they may only be used for the service

they were purchased for.

The amount on your Card will be tracked by our software AND on the Service Card kept at Lucky Pet. Every time you use a service, that amount is subtracted from your card.


Free Visit or Free Potty Break are only given if the required number of cards are purchased.


Even if you only use in-home pet services a few times a month this plan saves you money! 

Our Pet Service Card packages NEVER expire!

Pet Service Cards are non-refundable, unless you no longer own a pet

 or you are moving out of the Colorado Springs area.

Remember that balances on the Pet Service Card are only valid

for In-Home Pet Services provided by Lucky Pet. 


For further information, please give us a call.