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Meet Jessica - Co-Manager and Pet Care Provider Level 2


....has been living in the Colorado Springs area for over 9 years. That's me. Hello! I am a Graphic Designer, currently working at my own Graphic Design company and am the Co-Manager for Lucky Pet at Home Pet Services. I have been working for them part-time for them since 2016.

I grew up in Northern Nevada and have had -- and been around -- animals all of my life. I had two dogs (both lived to be 14 years of age), many fish, and a frog as well as friend's cats, horses, birds, lizards, etc.

My pet sitting days didn't start until I moved here to Colorado Springs, though. Before I started at Lucky Pet at Home, I pet sat for a few of my Military friends off and on whenever they needed that extra help.

I currently live in my town-home with my dog, Tsume, and enjoy taking care of client's pets as well as being creative -- not just with design but also acrylic painting.